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Analysis leather industry
Nov 09, 2017

 Driven by the market of reform and opening up, we have made rapid progress. At present, we are the largest leather producing country on the world, which is turned from a large leather country to a Global Power country .

  With the improvement of living standards, people's health awareness is becoming stronger and stronger. For the demand of products, green, natural, environmental and pollution-free will be the main factors for consumers to consider. In addition, in domestic and foreign trade, green consumption also gradually becomes a kind of mainstream consumption trend.

1.    Eco-green leather become the main raw material

  The green economy is reflected in circular economy and sustainable developmentWe supported the development of the environmental industry and the recycling economy the circular economy is emphasis on renewable maerial.工厂图片.jpg Washed Leather bag.jpg

2.    The threshold for industry entry is higher and higher

3.    Pay attention to clean production new technology new workmanship

           In recent years, the leather industry has been shuffling restructuring, the process of integration, with the environmental policy continues to strengthen, the cruel market competition will be eliminated not competitive small and medium enterprises pay attention to clean production new technology and new workmanship . At the same time, environmental protection standards, market competitiveness and technological innovation capability are strong, and the management standard will strengthen its leading position.



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