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Package Maintenance
Sep 18, 2017

Cortex bag
A collection of purses for the season, before the admission must clean its leather, and the bag should be put into a clean rag group or cotton shirt to maintain the shape of the purse, and then put the bag into the soft cotton bag, the collection in the cabinet should avoid improper extrusion and deformation. The cabinets that receive the leather products must be ventilated, for example, the cabinets with louver doors are better, while it is best not to put too many items in the cupboard. The natural grease of the leather itself will follow. 3 The longer the time or the use of too much and gradually reduced, so even the very advanced leather goods also need regular maintenance.
Leather material package mainly by cowhide, sheepskin, pigskin, PVC material, suede, and so on, the main ingredient is protein, so easy to damp, mildew, raw worms. To this end, in the use of leather bags, to avoid exposure to oily, acidic and alkaline substances. True purse bags should be sent regularly to the professional leather shop for thorough cleaning and disinfection. In the use of professional equipment and process cleaning process, add to mildew, sterilization of special agents, all kinds of bacteria, molds thoroughly removed, fundamentally avoiding the emergence of moldy phenomenon. It is important to maintain the original appearance and prolong the wearing life after comprehensive cleaning.
Purse will be attached to the maintenance instructions, in fact, note the following points:
1 General leather bags need regular maintenance oil, irregular cleaning, the practice is to wipe the oil on clean cotton cloth, and then evenly wipe the surface, to avoid the oil directly on the leather, in order to avoid damage to the leather goods, special attention is to avoid chemical damage, hard leather bags to avoid the impact and scratches.
2 Leather absorption is strong, should pay attention to anti-pollution, high-grade matte leather in particular to pay attention to.
3 Once a week with dry towel soaked water after wring dry, repeated several times to light swab.
4 If there is a stain on the leather, wipe with the detergent of clean wet sponge, then let it dry naturally. Before the official use can be in inconspicuous corner to try.
5 If the grease is stained, can be used for cloth wipe clean, the remaining by its natural dissipation or cleaning agent cleaning, not water scrub.
6 Leather goods on the hardware maintenance, should be used after the dry cloth to wipe. If micro-oxidation, you can try to rub the metal lightly with flour or toothpaste.
7 Paint surface leather generally only with soft cloth to wipe, the gloss of their own enough and not easy to absorb dust.
8 Gloss Leather Maintenance, please use a little leather to maintain the special oil on the soft fabric, and then slightly harder to rub on the leather;
9 Matte leather maintenance, usually only use cloth lightly wipe, if dirt is serious, can try to wipe off with similar rubber lightly.
10 The natural oil of the leather itself will gradually decrease with the time or the use times too much, so even the high grade leather goods need to be maintained regularly.
11 leather goods such as the production of spot spots, can try to use the same color skin rubbing alcohol lightly. Suede products are contaminated, can be directly wiped with rubber, maintenance and then with a soft brush brush along the direction of the hair can be.
12 should be careful to protect all metal accessories and zippers, damp and high salt environment will cause the oxidation of metal.

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