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Package properties
Sep 18, 2017

Some women in order to save time, on different occasions use the same bag, sometimes because of the dress does not match, looks uncoordinated. It is best to prepare several packages for different occasions such as work, leisure and dinner. The bag should be larger when working, so it can store more necessary items, but the design must be generous, in line with the work image, such as Briefcase style package is the most suitable.
But if you feel that your briefcase is too tough, try carrying a briefcase and a handbag that embodies feminine style. The advantage is that it makes you more reasonable to place as many objects as possible, much more professionally than you carry a plastic bag or paper bag. When using a back bag, women should be on the right shoulder, because the woman and the man are used to walking on the right side. The use of briefcase or handbags, because of changing hands and appear to be flustered.

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