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Packing collocation
Sep 18, 2017

Choose a suitable package to match your shape, you can add a lot for your overall modeling, but the wrong package, not only not for your modeling, but will make the look very failure. So women pay attention to clothing at the same time, bag collocation is also very important, today I will tell you how to choose their own style of package, hoping to provide some help for the day-to-day collocation.
Steady and heavy
This type of package is more suitable for office workers, color more black, coffee, white monochrome system or dark shading. Considering that white-collar work requires wearing a suit, and clothing color is also more black, white, coffee and other dark lines, so the choice of package in the style and details should have a distinct style, such as tassels, rivets, metal chain, inlaid decoration and other details, can be a dull color to increase the bright spot.
Leisure type
This kind of bag is more casual, oblique, backpack, single shoulder mainly, most suitable for go shopping, outing when used. This type of package is generally larger in size, has sufficient capacity, and fabric on canvas, denim fabric mainly. And this kind of package is very suitable for DIY, like to decorate the package on the badge, hanging pieces of girls, you can heartily display your matching talent.
Luxury type
This package uses relatively few opportunities, generally applicable to banquets, dances, weddings and other occasions. In the choice of fabrics, you can choose satin, beads and other gorgeous shiny material, style to handbags and handbags mainly, the size of the best choice of small type, you can show the feminine modesty, elegance.
Clear Type
This type of package, as the name implies, colorful color, lively style, with a refreshing feeling. This kind of bag is used more frequently in spring and summer, because this season's clothing color mostly light color, just with colorful package, but this type of bag is best not to choose a large style, because I personally believe that the big colorful package more suitable for the European and American high figure and color, Asians can hardly recite that kind of tropical style, so it's better to choose a smaller style of safety.
Cute type
This type of package by the vast number of female groups like, this package of novel style, lovely style, different fabrics, for the vast number of female groups to choose. This package is suitable for lively, lovable, extroverted and open girls. This kind of bag is suitable for both seasons, and no longer need to be fitted with any ornaments, the package itself is cute enough.
Black Bag-noble, elegant, mysterious, sexy, charm can match the color of the clothes: white, gray, rice, blue
White Bag--clear, tranquil, pure, with the color of the dress--can match all colors with uniforms
Grey bag-Mature neutral color can be matched with any color
Coffee and beige bag-mature, sophisticated, quiet (Lemmi, warm rice) can be paired with the color of clothing-the basis of color (black, white, gray, blue)
Blue Bag-deep + mysterious quiet, refreshing, rational, deep can match the color of clothes-basic color white and black (bags, shoes)
Deep Blue light bag--yellow, red
Red Bag--passion and romance, sexy can match the color of clothes--black, white, yellow, blue, green
Green Bag--nature's color, cool, life can match the color of clothes: the most suitable black, white and all shades of green, can also be adjacent to yellow, complementary red (preferably not solid color)
Pink Bag-A unique feminine color can match the color of the dress-white, black, pink-rose
Purple Bag--noble and elegant color, women like, but it is difficult to match the color of the clothes can be paired with color-shades of different colors purple; black, white, yellow, gray
Orange Bag--passion and vibrant color can match the color of the clothes-orange, yellow between the various colors, and basic color, white, black, green, a variety of blueprint case clothing.
In the package, jewelry and clothing collocation, color plays an important role. The whole with the color but the level of clear-cut collocation, can create a generous and elegant shape. A strong contrast between the bag and the wearing color, such as black dress with red bag and shoes, is a bright personality match; Bag can also be in the floral skirt or printed shirt pattern of any of the selected color, the overall feeling lively but elegant style.

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