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Special care for handbags
Sep 18, 2017

1, zipper is not smooth: with candles or wax coated on the zipper, can improve the effect.
2, anti-nitrate: if there is a little anti-nitrate, can be used to color matching skin cream or the use of white oil lightly wipe the anti-nitrate parts, clear stains.
3, metal decoration and oxidation (gold, silver, copper buckle) Silver metal buckle: can be used the most fine sand paper or matte eraser gently rub off black spots, and then with transparent skin ointment gently wipe.
Note: Gold belt buckle can never be used matte paper, so as to avoid gold wipe, can only use a little transparent skin ointment gently wipe.
Precautionary method: In the new handbag copper buckle or metal buckle coated a little transparent nail polish, can prevent oxidation. (excluding color buckles)
The popular handbags in the market, whether in style, color or material, are very groundbreaking, for example: Chanel handbags, is made of small sheepskin, the cortex is darker, there is a sense of bump, but it is the design of the body is made of diamond-shaped lattice, and some handbags in the same design also choose different colors, tile each other, connected into different color blocks. Material, generally popular with imitation leather denim, velvet, cotton cloth, silk satin, hemp, rattan and other handbags made. Some handbags are decorated with beads, sequins, floral decorations, lace, and embroidery on handbags. Spring handbags in the design, most of the premise of simplicity. Good taste personality, personality pursuit of fashion. Whether it's late or casual, whether it's gorgeous or simple, conservative or avant-garde, it can be decorated.

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