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The calculation method of handbags
Sep 18, 2017

Counting is the number of raw materials used to calculate the volume of handbags, the method is as follows:
I. Distinguish the kinds of materials needed for handbags.
Second, according to the specifications on the paper, accounting for each piece of paper area.
Third, calculate the area of various raw materials and (square inches) multiplied by 1. 09 (material loss 9%).
Four, with the formula: The calculation of the number, is the volume of handbags required code.
and the planning method of the cutting-bed supervisor, it is based on the method of nesting, the number of pieces of paper to be a few yards, enough to produce the required raw materials need a few yards of this proportion to calculate. This method of material cutting is the most accurate and practical.
Five, some ERP system also has a variety of flexible calculation methods, such as Teng Xiang handbag ERP management system.
The method of opening the material of the handbag
Cover, front, back, side wai skin and transverse head to the grain, no cracks in the leather, flower rot, root scar, scar, pine, tendons, spots, grain color to be consistent. 2. Blanking materials technical standards: A) before the opening of the material must be carefully checked the name of the material, specifications, color and the paper knife mold match. B the material that is being cut must be washed according to the required grain. C) The color difference of the material, must separate matching matching blanking, the good parts should be split open and make good marks, in order to avoid unnecessary confusion in production. D in the blanking material surface to be straight, wrinkle-free crease or roll up, the number of layers can not exceed the specified number of layers, in order to avoid the knife mold deformation. E) in the blanking process to constantly check the rush out of the parts whether drawn, loose edges, accessories and knife die deformation phenomenon. F) in the rush to change the accessories should pay attention to the extent of the board wear, so as not to rush out of the accessories lace, deformation. 3. Pressure mark: Before the pressure mark to carefully check the necessary pressure mark the parts and position is correct, the pressure mark position to be accurate. The pressure mark temperature, the intensity should be moderate, presses out the logo pattern font must be complete clear, the logo pattern font intensity must be balanced, no pressure rotten, no ghosting and so on phenomenon. 4. Shovel skin: skin material thickness and bag type when shovel skin, control the order process requirements to adjust the thickness and width of the shovel skin, the thickness of the shovel skin, uniform width, the bottom of the leather material can not have corrugated and uneven phenomenon. Handbags General shovel 3/8-inch oblique mouth, angular flying thin, fold light shovel 3/8 inch, silver bag shovel 5/16 inch oblique mouth, the same side shovel 5/16 inch, large face fold shovel 3/8; need to have a large shovel of accessories according to the soft hardness of the cortex to determine the thickness of the shovel, in general, the shoulder with ears, 1.4mm, bottom bracket 0.4mm Bran paper, nylon, silver bag over 1.5mm, the inside of the skin over 0.8mm, pouch skin over 1.0mm, in the middle of the skin over 0. There are also the calculation methods of the twill strap, mark Method can try for the irregular cutting, in order to achieve the most economical purposes, therefore need an effective action-typesetting, also known as Mark Typesetting, that is, according to a certain pattern of the most economical way to arrange version. The maximum/minimum value is obtained by typesetting, that is, the specification in the material (horizontal x straight), the numerator/denominator is then calculated according to the width of the material and the assumed length combined with the following formula. Number of = width (length)-Maximum value] minimum x2+2 length (width) = (number 2)/2x minimum + maximum value of the first male The formula is used to find out how many slices can be discharged in the direction of knowing the width (length) of the material. This is copied over, I think open irregular and special requirements of the knife mold can be used by the Mark method, hope can help you ask: Is there a clearer formula? Answer: Open materials usually have straight lines, horizontal lines, twill three kinds of grain open method. We all know that the straight grain will not be elongated, the horizontal pattern material is elongated, the open twill material is between these two kinds of material usage. I know that it seems to be only used on the side of the package, it can make up for the lack of straight, horizontal lines. Specific also need to calculate a single dosage, and then use the Straight line knife calculation-3 is a twill cutting algorithm. Of course the barge should also be used. In general there is no special requirements for the opening of the material is open straight lines (in the case of waste material to open horizontal lines), hand-wrapped cotton heart generally open horizontal lines, the purpose is not to wrinkle, but to pay attention to the very easy to elongate the material do not open horizontal lines, the best to open twill (compared to waste material, loss generally between 8%-10%) The edges of the package should be twill (not wrinkled) when turning. In the actual open material should be depending on the direction of the material to determine whether it is open or straight lines.

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