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The Collocation method of the female bag
Sep 18, 2017

Bag is a female fashion wear the necessities, street fashion bag almost every female hand, below for you to introduce several simple fashion package collocation method.
Double-shouldered Collocation
Double shoulder bags are generally suitable for young girls with youthful vigor, take this canvas Republic canvas shoulder Bag For example: Bright color docking is very personality, fashion style with the ordinary cowboy gown, playing underwear on OK, very sen Department of Taste, or with light-colored clothes, and bright colors to form contrast. It's the feeling of the forest.
Slant-SPAN collocation
The messenger bag is still more common among young girls, the messenger bag is more natural, this kind of candy bag is very individuality, is the canvas Republic very individuality design, collocation also is more casual, lovable girl and likes the lovable thing girl all may choose this kind of lovable bag, the spring will match the cowboy, the summer will match the dress, It would be nice to have a slightly darker bottom. Very fashionable very small woman's fan, clean color also very easy tie-in clothes.
Bundles collocation
In fact, this kind of package is generally also can be slung, this is the most popular backpack, mainly because of ease of use. As long as the collocation is impeccable, if this color is bright, can be equipped with a pair of jeans, a shirt, very suitable for white-collar collocation, if a little light, you can try cute pink tie, canvas Republic of the female package most design is more personality, color is very rich, very suitable for young people's fashion aesthetic.

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