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The style of the package
Sep 18, 2017

The style of the package is roughly divided into one shoulder, double shoulder, oblique span and hand bag, the scientific analysis shows that, from the point of view of labor-saving and health, the best is the double shoulder bag, followed by the messenger bag, the single shoulder package, the most bad is the hand bags or the bags hanging on the forearm. This is because the shoulders of the backpack are most evenly supported, and single shoulder backpack because the single shoulder needs to bear a larger gravity, easy to lead to high and low shoulder pain, shoulder bag can be the weight of the shoulder scattered to the back and waist, more labor-saving; If you carry the bag in your hand, the time is long, the arms and shoulders will be numb, powerless There are many people like to hang the bag on the forearm, feel decent and generous, not knowing that the wrist long time in the same posture or excessive use of wrist force, will be due to repeated chronic fatigue injury caused by carpal tunnel syndrome. Drifting wood Canvas bag Design Center reminder: In addition to the type of backpack, choose the backpack should also pay attention to, not too big, put things not too much to back after easy, no pressure is appropriate. If the thing is too much, can be separated, double shoulder bag, single shoulder bag, the wider the better, fine shoulder straps on the shoulders, the force area is small, pressure increases, the long back will aggravate the shoulder and neck muscle strain.

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