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2016 BEIJING-East Online Sales Growth Rate Of 37.8%, Clothing And Luggage Commodity Price Rise Before
Sep 18, 2017

According to the China National Business Information Center data show that December 2016, 50 of the country's major retail business sales rose 5.1% Year-on-year, is the year's highest monthly growth rate, compared with the same period accelerated by 10.7%. Judging from the year-round trend, the four quarter showed a clear recovery momentum. In December, the main commodities, clothing, cosmetics, commodity category, gold and silver jewelry category of retail sales have been increasing, and the growth rate is higher than the same period last year; grain and oil, food category of retail sales fell 1.3% year-on-year, the decline compared with the same period last year, a narrow; Growth is lower than last year's level.
Another reporter here to obtain data show that the recent release of the December 2016 Beijing Dongtian "China consumer Online Index" shows that 2016 Full-year online sales growth rate of 37.8%, lower than last year's growth rate of 56.1%, online price growth of 0.5%, lower than last year's growth of 1.4%. December year-on-year sales growth of 30% lower than the same period last year 38%, the price year-on-year growth of 2.4% higher than a year earlier 0.6%. Monetta Research analyst Shen believes that after the loss of the consumption dividend, online growth slowed to become a new normal, while the online prices are still relatively good.
The network reporter also learned that, according to understand, in all 73 sub industry, Diamond nearly half a year lead up, the rest are living appliances, rice wine, underwear, menswear, spices, children's shoes, white wine, snack food, perfume makeup. And in the 12-level industry, only clothing shoes bag nearly three months of consecutive price increases in the chain. In the month, the prices rose with clothing shoes (2.1%), Food and beverages (1.3%), office equipment (0.2%) and maternal and child health Care (0.1%), the gains narrowed from last month.
In the last half year, home appliances (8.1%) and computer (4.1%) Sales price lead, there are also clothing shoes bag (4.1%), home decoration (3.6%), mobile phone Digital (2.5%), office equipment (2%), Food and beverage (1.8%), alcohol (1.5%), and maternal and child health, A cosmetic, sports outdoor, jewelry prices fell, the decline in $number. The rankings averaged 100 on the online sales price index for January-June this year, calculating the cumulative rise in July-December sales.
From the recent three months, clothing and bags (7.7%) and household appliances (5.8%) price increases lead, the Dongtian line on the data listed in the 12 first-level industry in the top two. Over the same period, home decoration, food and beverage, computer, office equipment, cumulative increase in $number between the last month's increase narrowed; mobile phone digital price growth flat, makeup, jewelry and maternal and child health care prices fell, the cumulative decline in the $number between, compared to last month.
Everbright Securities analyst Tang Jia said that in 2016, China's retail industry is facing slow recovery in consumption, channel competition and other difficulties, the industry is still low operating climate. Consumers ' cognitive regression to the consumption channel is rational, and the two channels on line are complementary to each other and gradually merged, and the overall market has achieved steady and rapid growth.
Monetta Research analyst Shen also talked about, on the year-on-year growth rate, the computer in the price rise of all industries ranked first. At the same time, jewelry, makeup and maternal and infant health care prices fell significantly. Over the same period, food and drink and sports outdoors have slipped, while alcohol and office equipment have been cut in price from the same period last year. Household appliances, home decoration, mobile phone digital, computer, clothing shoes bag average growth rate is higher than 2%, this kind of consumer goods generally take the leading trend of consumption transformation, gradually from popularization to middle and high-end direction, the 2017 consumption upgrade is expected to become more apparent.

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