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2017 Shanghai International Luggage Exhibition Smart Bags Are Very Absorbent
Sep 18, 2017

The 14th session of China (Shanghai) international Luggage and Leather Handbags exhibition will be held in May 2017 25-27th in Shanghai World Trade Center, the exhibition will focus on the display of various types of bags, buttocks, handbags, wallets, trolley boxes, smart bags and other fields of new products. This exhibition is the first time to set up intelligent luggage exhibition area, the industry has been recognized and participated in intelligent luggage enterprises.
In recent years, with the continuous popularization and development of intelligent products, intelligent industry is the trend of the future development of all walks of life, this point, the luggage industry is also so. The concept of "smart bags" began to spread in people's lives. Intelligent technology for people to bring a highly convenient life experience, and brand bags for people's lives to add stylish light luxury texture. When the two collide at the same height, they bring surprises and changes.
In many domestic brands, the most worthy of a probe is the current rise of the smart luggage industry. It is understood that one company has made a smart luggage open platform. The company held April 27 this year, "intelligence and sharing" 2017 Jie Fu Gentry technology intelligent bags products. The conference attracted the attention of Quanzhou's big luggage enterprises, entrepreneurs and innovators.
At the same time, Jie-FU technology launched a smart bags open platform, its team developed all the smart bag technology, shared to the various luggage enterprises, to help them upgrade products. On the May 1 Canton Fair, is also attracting the attention of both inside and outside, to consult the merchant is a constant stream.
In this Shanghai international Luggage show, The merchant is also a stream of inquiries, it seems that the smart luggage market is really not to be underestimated.

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