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China To Reduce Import Tariffs On Garment Bags To Enrich Domestic Shopping Options Next Year
Sep 18, 2017

BEIJING, December 9 (reporter he), according to China's voice, "News late Peak" reported that last year, the total foreign consumption in China amounted to $152 billion, equivalent to the total retail sales of consumer goods one-twenty sixth. The Ministry of Finance said today that China will make some adjustments to import and export tariffs starting January 1 next year. Among them, the import demand larger bags, clothing, sunglasses and other tariffs will be reduced.

The adjustment will be implemented from next year's Day. It is noteworthy that this is the second tariff reduction in the Treasury year following the June adjustment of some commodity tariffs. This adjustment, will continue to expand the scope of daily necessities, reduce the import demand for larger bags, clothing, scarves, sunglasses and other goods tariffs.

China Institute of Ccpit Preparatory researcher Zhao introduced, the comparison of large categories of milk powder, cosmetics and luggage category, accounting for the entire import of consumer goods demand opportunities close to half. Therefore, bags, scarves, clothing, etc. in the domestic relatively hot goods, included in the tax reduction category, to enhance the consumption of economic growth of the pull role, is very clear, but also to meet the needs of improving people's livelihood.

Data show that this year, China's people overseas luxury consumption reached a record high of 740 billion yuan, nearly 80% of luxury consumption occurred outside. Recently, about overseas purchasing will face more stringent supervision of the news frequent, experts believe that a large number of purchasing has affected brand business and industry interests. Zhao said the lowering of tariffs, including luggage and clothing, is conducive to enriching domestic shopping options and further standardizing market behavior.

Zhao stressed that the biggest problem of overseas purchasing is to evade tariffs. In addition, buyers are not like bonded imports and cross-border direct mail operators in the quality of protection. Therefore, once the product quality issues involved in the protection of rights, there are great difficulties.

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