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There Are Several Waterproof And Breathable Fabrics In Bags
Sep 18, 2017

Are there several waterproof and breathable fabrics in bags? Most consumers in the purchase of bags, in addition to considering the price, style, quality and functional practicality, but also more concerned about the fabric choice of luggage production, one is the luggage fabric in a large extent is the decision quality, the second is the luggage fabric waterproof breathable is decided to the comfort of luggage, How many waterproof and breathable fabrics are there in the daily-made luggage?

There are two kinds of waterproof and breathable fabrics in bags, which can be divided into two kinds: fiber and membrane type, the fiber fabric has excellent breathability, the wind resistance is poor, the film type is the contrary, the windproof but the permeability is not good, and the fabric is generally permeable.

Fiber belongs to completely waterproof breathable fabric type, its two layers will be softer than three layers, but three layers will be more substantial. And the use of waterproof waterproof breathable fabric production bags are not necessarily completely waterproof, there may be a zipper crevice seepage problems, so the general use of seam pressure glue, but this will increase the number of artificial and luggage production costs. Luggage in the waterproof breathable fabric made of bags, there are commonalities, there are different points.

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