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What Fabric Is The Cloth In The Bag
Sep 18, 2017

What fabric is the cloth in the bag? Bag material is mainly used to assist the product modeling, at the same time to protect the role of fabric products. The main varieties are artificial leather and textile products two major categories. In the leather products, the main application of those more soft varieties, such as foam-like imitation sheep leather, while in textiles, the main application of man-made fiber fabrics in imitation of silk fabrics, in some luggage products are sometimes used cotton fabric and man-made cotton fabrics.
Fabric is the main material of luggage products, fabrics not only directly affect the appearance of products, but also, related to the market price of products, in the design selection must be given great attention. Styling, material and color are three elements of design. Luggage color and material two factors directly from the fabric to reflect, the style of the bag is also dependent on the soft material, crisp and thickness and other characteristics to ensure.
Can be used for luggage products fabrics have a variety of materials, products also due to different fabrics and different categories, such as: real purses, imitation purses, plastic boxes, plush bags, cloth handbags and so on.

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