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What Is Luggage Cloth Characteristics Of Luggage Cloth
Sep 18, 2017

What is luggage cloth? Luggage cloth is a thicker fabric, used in the production of backpacks, handbags, travel boxes, etc., the use of PVC/PU leather, nylon/Niuzingbu, non-woven fabric, mesh, denim, canvas and other materials made, organization style changeful, there are plain weave, twill organization, Jacquard, such as organization. The Cotton canvas is one of the most widely used types. First, luggage cloth specifications Luggage with pure cotton canvas weft yarn is generally 7s/10s/21s, with multiple strands, up to 7-9 strands. II. Characteristics of luggage cloth Fabric latitude and longitude to strong, uniform density, cloth body thick, soft and hard suitable, clean flat cloth, longitude of the gap between the small difference. Third, bag cloth technology can be used in dyeing, printing and other conventional processes for processing. The process is generally: fabric → color → with cloth → roll cloth → cast dyeing (desizing/refining/dyeing) → stereotypes (resin/water splashing) → packaging. After the completion of fabric can also be carried out printing, grinding wool/hair/bristles, glue, stickers, three and other treatment.

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