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What Kind Of Bag Is The Most Durable
Sep 18, 2017

Durable bag selection Essentials one: Material
The material of the common bag can be divided into leather, nylon or canvas:
Leather-the most common material on the market is leather, leather bag back up the texture is very good, but waterproof is poor, weight is heavier.
Canvas-durable bag material is usually mainly canvas, but the canvas is not resistant to dirty, waterproof is also poor.
Nylon-The most lightweight material, better waterproof, more durable than canvas.
Durable bag material comparison: Canvas > Leather > nylon
Durable bag Selection Points II: Sewing Edge
The most important thing to pay attention to in the purchase of durable bags is the sewing edge of the bag, the sewing edge of the car inside and outside the bag should be neat, solid, close to durable, so select a time to pay special attention to Oh! A small part usually sees the bag when the seam edge has the line off, will put down the bag.
Durable bag selection Essentials three: Inner
Inside is often overlooked in a part, if the inside is a nylon material, the package will be less durable oh, because nylon material is thinner, also easier to break off. Small series recommended that you can choose cloth inside the package, not only the material thicker also less difficult to wear, the use of the time of course will be extended ~
Durable bag selection Essentials four: Pull
The most common use of the bag should be the Rafah, in the purchase package must first try its pull is not good pull, many bags often because of the failure of the pull, resulting in unusable and must be discarded, so the small part of the proposal that you choose a good durable bag, you can pull to see the bag of the tension, if there is not smooth, Chuck's feeling just put it down!
Durable bag selection points five: Straps
The most easily damaged place in the bag except Lahan is the most easy to wear suspenders, the most common way of fixing the straps are two kinds, the first is the car seam fixed, the second is the buckle ring fixed; if the sewing is fixed, it is necessary to confirm that its cohesion is not to strengthen sewing;

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