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What Kind Of Luggage Fabric Is Good
Sep 18, 2017

Luggage is an essential product in daily life, in the process of making bags, fabrics and materials in the selection of more important, different fabrics brought about by the product grade and decoration will be different, then in the market many fabric fabrics, which fabric suitable for luggage fabric? What kind of luggage fabric is good? Let's have a look!
What kind of good luggage fabric--Natural leather
Natural leather is a variety of animal skins as raw materials, through the complex process of processing made of materials, the use of natural leather luggage fabric, will give the whole bag to bring more soft and delicate feel, while improving the durability of products, in addition, high-end elegant decorative effect also let natural leather favored. But on the other hand, natural leather raw materials rare, process complex, so high cost, product concentration in high-end luggage market, not suitable for ordinary consumers to choose.
Which kind of fabric is good--fiber cloth class
Fiber cloth in all aspects of life has an important application, luggage manufacturing industry is no exception, excellent fiber cloth fabric can not only as luggage fabric, but also is an important part of the bag material. Now the more common in the market bags fiber cloth fabrics including Scottish gingham, man-made fiber cloth, flannel, etc., fiber fabric fabrics are wearable durability, cheap, rich colors, patterns with a variety of applications, the scope is also relatively wide.
What kind of luggage fabric--artificial fur
We also mentioned above, although the natural leather performance advantage is significant, but because of the high cost, limited the popularity and application of natural leather, in order to overcome this problem, artificial fur skin transport. The use of High-tech textile technology processing of artificial fur, in the performance, appearance, feel and natural leather is similar to the more important is its raw materials easy to get, process mature, so the price is relatively cheap, very popular in the market.
What kind of luggage fabric--artificial leather
Similar to man-made fur, artificial leather is also a relatively inexpensive luggage fabric, in recent years, fabric development and production technology has made great progress, new artificial leather products also solve the early product practicality of defects, become one of the main fabric of the production of luggage. In the artificial leather products, can also be based on the use of raw materials, production technology differences to subdivide, we can according to their actual needs and preferences to buy.

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